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How can you put pressure on your elected representatives to take action?

Writing to your elected representatives is one of the best ways to show them what issues are important to you and the people in your area. It is easy to write to your MP and the website helps you format your writing as a letter so that you can concentrate on your message.


You can write to your MP, your constituency MSP, your regional MSPs, your local councillors of even a member of the House of Lords. In order to contact your elected representatives, follow these steps:


  1. Visit

  2. Enter your postcode. If you are a student you can write to your elected representatives at both your home and term time addresses.

  3. Select which person you would like to write to – whether this is your MP, one of your MSPs or local councillor

  4. Write your own message or use our suggestions to tell your representatives why they should take action

Template suggestion

Dear [insert MP name]


I am writing to you as a constituent in [constituency name] to ask you to take action on [issue you are most passionate about from our report].

I have recently attended The Buchanan Institute’s 10 Big Ideas for Scotland 2025 launch event in which they presented 10 of the most pressing issues facing Scotland today and offered innovative solutions to these issues. The Buchanan Institute is Scotland’s leading student think tank and in the research that they presented, there are clear key themes in the issues presented that will have a significant impact on students and young people over their lifetimes.


The Scottish Policy Foundation commissioned The Buchanan Institute – Scotland’s leading student think-tank based at the University of Edinburgh – along with research teams at IPPR and Reform Scotland, to find and present innovative solutions to some of the most pressing issues that Scotland will face in the next four years. Buchanan has published the 10 Big Ideas for Scotland 2025 Policy Report, which presents the findings of their research. In their research,  the 10 Big Ideas research team has emphasised the significance of the current legislation and highlighted the legislative gaps that could be addressed.


For me, the most urgent issue they presented was [insert issue] . In order to address this issue, I urge you to consider endorsing the Buchanan Institute’s proposed solution(s):


 [insert solution] .


In order to address this issue, urgent action is needed. To find out more about #10BigIdeasScotland please see their Facebook page or website.  


Yours sincerely,

[insert your name]

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